Extremecoin Vote To Add To New Exchange

Right now our main goal is to get Extremecoin onto another exchange and we believe we have found one that offers a lot more than just that.

Over at https://www.cryptopia.co.nz they take on Crypto-Currencies through a voting process using a combination of a registered free 1 vote per day system and another way using their own DOTcoin Currency.

Extremecoin is already on the voting list and is rising but we need EXC’s supporters and miners to help get this coin onto Cryptopia.

The reason why this website is different is that any added coin gets put onto the exchange but also is given a mining pool, a block explorer and also becomes an accepted form of payment in their early stage marketplace.

We believe that this is an excellent opportunity for Extremecoin which compared to many Crypto-Currencies is largely unknown, even though EXC has been running now for over a year and a half.

This is just a quick update but once we get EXC onto this exchange, it opens up other opportunities that previously have been difficult to achieve.

“If you want a coin to succeed, don’t take it to the Moon, take it to the Extreme.”

Extremecoin To Take First True Step As A Global Payments Solution

We know it has been a quiet a while since we made any major announcements but we have had many challenges which we overcome and are now finally on the final steps to becoming the first true Virtual and Physical Global Payment system.

Once we have finalised our dealings with our third party client, the full details will be revealed but for now we will say that Extremecoin is about to shock the Crypto-Currency community and anyone who has an interest in a fast, secure and physical global payment system with no Government involvement of any kind.

Extremecoin – The Global Currency For The People. Controlled by the people.

Extremecoin Is Back And With Major Positive Developments

Extremecoin (EXC) Version 2.0 Now Being Planned

List of current tasks in development

1) Working on a planned Version 2.0 to bring major positive changes to Extremecoin and to once again make it a modern innovative currency.

2) Independent Extremecoin online platform to enable self reliance and decrease volatility.

3) Client side integrated transaction explorer.

4) To Maintain the profitability and stability of Extremecoin and to improve on its anti-multipool / instamine properties.

5) To push for EXC to be an excepted form of payment on web stores and payment processors.